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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

with Fenja

"Breathe in.. and breathe out.."

This Indian rooted -floor based- deep tissue massage is a full body treatment that helps increase muscle flexibility and joint mobility in addition to the wide ranging health benefits of a regular massage. 

After thoroughly warming up the muscles, I actively assist with a few passive yoga-inspired stretches in between phases of massaging. In the delivery of this massage both hands and feet are used and some walking on the back of the body is provided for extra stimulation of the deeper tissues if needed.

To allow not just the superficial but also the underlying muscles to warm up before stretching, the AYM full body treatment will take at least 1hr40min, and longer if desired.

In the AYM treatment, a mattress will be placed on the floor and a cotton fabric is used to cover parts of the body during treatment. 

The walking technique is subject to the length of the treatment and your physical condition. 

Therefore your first treatment will often be without this technique, allowing a physical assessment first. 

Additionally, throughout the treatment I use a mixture of grapeseed oil and Calamus powder. 

Combined, these ingredients work as a detoxifying scrub to stimulate blood circulation and awaken the skin. 

I am delighted to offer a £15 discount on your first Ayurvedic Yoga Massage when you quote Yasmine's name.

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Home visits in the Forest Gate/Stratford can be arranged upon personal recommendation.